“Advanced Views Lite” features for Developers

Smart Templates that enhance the development process without sacrificing creative freedom.

Development without hassle

Developing from scratch yields high-quality results, but it’s time-consuming.  Advanced Views:

Brings robust foundation
Reducing the time required for project implementation
Smart tool, rather than a page builder with typical pitfalls

Automatic Data retrieval and Template generation

Focus on critical aspects of your project rather than grappling with data conversions and extensive documentation. Read more

Automated data conversations
Automated template generation
Seamless data connection

Templates that are always up-to-date

Advanced Views maintains a seamless connection between fields in your database and their usage within templates.

Built-in template validation with a bulk option
Notifications regarding templates that are affected when fields are modified or removed
On-site editor for quick code changes
File system option that friendly to IDE, Version control, and Sass/Typescript assets

UI for WP_Query construction

WP_Query is a powerful built-in class for querying data from the database. While it offers flexibility, navigating its numerous arguments can be time-consuming.

UI for argument names complete with clear descriptions
Customize layout with ease using Twig templates

Adherence to Best Practices

Advanced Views comes prepackaged with best practices to ensure that your projects are developed correctly without the need for extensive initial setup.

Power of the Twig engine for templates
Modular (blocks) approach to building content
BEM methodology for structuring class names in markup and CSS
WebComponent option for any block

Handle routine tasks efficiently

Lightweight and reliable tool

Extend native WordPress power

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