Case Studies

Some of WPLake’s favorite high-end projects that set the standard for excellence.

Web Presence

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Featured project

Safari Lodges

Angama is a luxury hotel company situated in a Nature Reserve. We were approached by the team to rebuild their existing website presence. Their website is one of the primary touch points of their clients and they needed a modern look along with great performance. They also needed integration with company software and a live availability calendar with ResRequest information. Due to a large number of images, additional efforts were made to save costs on image CDN.

Key Requirements;

Provide great User Experience: fast page loading, smooth data loading and animations. Improved SEO
Extend the blog features with ajax loading and featured posts
Improve image quality and loading time (webp) and save costs by migration away from Cloudinary
Create an API bridge for ResRequest and a live availability calendar. With custom info and lazy loading for performance


Website for selling physical products, digital downloads or membership subscriptions based on the popular WooCommerce platform.

Featured project

Photography competition and shop

TGMM is an online wildlife photo competition site. The print shop gives everyone a chance to buy prints of the best photos. The entry form is quite complex with multiple features, entrants pay for submissions, judges can moderate and give feedback to entrants and choose a winner. A custom payment method was developed and both the competition side and print shop required extensive integration to WooCommerce.

Key Requirements;

Print shop with WooCommerce and custom payment gateway
Competition entry form with moderation function
Custom HTML email notifications for participants, judges and project partners

Portals and Dashboards

Closed platform for sharing resources and information with different levels of access.

Featured project

Partners portal for special rates

Portal for travel industry partners and booking agents. Partners have tiers assigned that give them access to special rates and offers. Like other portals there is a big set of data, in this case there are pdf files and offers which are restricted from public access. The goal of the project was to present all sorts of data in a modern way with a smooth experience, regardless of the amount of data.

Key Requirements;

Tier based access to the information
Data presentation for all the formats, like images, videos, files
Fast and smooth experience regardless of the amount of data
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