Your goals, our services

Form follows function, and with every project, the aim is to deliver a professional, fast, responsive website that’s easy to use.

Web presence

Solutions for everyone. We’ll help you both with a simple landing page or complex online solutions.


Website for selling physical products, digital downloads or membership subscriptions based on the popular WooCommerce platform.

Portals and Dashboards

Closed platform for sharing resources and information with different levels of access.

Our services

With WPLake you’ll get the all-in-one* Web package that has everything you may need.

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System Architecture

When you’re building a website think of it as building a house. With a solid foundation and a blueprint in hand you can plan better and have fewer surprises.


Bringing your vision to life with a beautiful, fresh, timeless design that fits your brand and appeals to your audience.

Web Administration

Every house needs a foundation. Every website needs hosting. Actually, it needs a bit more, like water pipelines and electricity. We’ll cover all the aspects, like SSL, DNS, and CDN.

WordPress Development

Professional theme and plugin development. Unique Gutenberg components within your theme mean that your website will be very fast and provide a great experience for visitors.

API integrations

Integrate your website with any external services that has an API, from payment gateways and stock info to availability systems. Sync information between your website and tools of your business.

Training and Support

After your website is launched you won’t be on your own. We’ll teach you all you need to know. Support is available covering all the tech stuff on a monthly basis.

*service items can be excluded according to your preference.

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Our Process

We adapt our process to every project, so it’ll fit your needs. The whole process from the start to finish usually takes about 1-3 months.

Step 1

Explore and Discuss

At the begin you share your vision with us.

Then our team puts together the site structure and milestones, we present and discuss it.

As soon everything is confirmed we get an agreement.

Get started

Step 2

Develop and Deploy

This step repeats for each milestone;

Our team develops the current milestone.

You review and give us feedback.

Our team applies amendments from your feedback and then launches the milestone to Live.

Step 3

Training and Support

Every project requires some form of training.

We provide this to your team and ensure they have the power in their hands to manage content updates easily.

Maintenance plans are recommended but totally optional.

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