“Advanced Views Lite” features for non-Devs

Smart templates to display your posts and fields. Built-in post queries and automated template generation.

Display Posts and Fields

Display Posts, Custom Post Types, WooCommerce Products, Advanced Custom Fields from any source, including the ACF options page and WordPress user profile.


Make Post Carousels, Image Sliders, and Lightbox Galleries to display User Posts, Comments, Menus or Product specials.

Powerful features

Streamline your website development time with the Built-in Twig templates, which are auto-generated and easily customized.
Intuitive interface for building queries, allowing faster data retrieval while minimizing routine tasks and code maintenance. UI Tool tips to help guide you through the process.
Promotes best practices, ensuring your website can be extended in future, due to the web component and modular block approach.

How it works

Using a View, assign multiple fields of any type, then style the output and display the values using the shortcode.
With a Card, assign a View to display a list of posts, then sort, filter by meta or taxonomy or query posts dynamically and display using the shortcode.

Key Benefits

There is no need to write the markup from scratch, as Advanced Views automates the process by creating the Twig template for you.


Use the shortcodes inside a page builder or directly in your theme files, without conflict due to the BEM method used.
Customize the Twig Template inside a full-screen editor, with code validation and field connection tracker.

Lite Code Base, Fast Results

Every wrapper has some overhead. We do our best to make this number as small as possible. One unique View or Card on a page would increase load time by only 0.01 seconds* compared to the usual way with coding. It’s impossible to notice these tiny numbers visually without testing it.

*More about the test here.

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