“Advanced Views Pro” features for Developers

Smart Templates that enhance the development process without sacrificing creative freedom.

Build Advanced solutions without Complexity

The Pro version of Advanced Views offers additional integrations that simplify complex tasks:

Easily manage multi-level data and queries
Manage front-end assets effortlessly
Benefit from the smart bridge for Gutenberg blocks
Create your own reusable component libraries

PRO Feature

Easily manage multi-level data and queries

The Pro version bring support of multi-level fields into Templates and Queries.

Support of Repeater, Group and Flexible field types
Support of nested fields without limitations (like repeater in repeater)
Retrieve any data for the items of the object fields (like Post, User, Taxonomy or Comment)

PRO Feature

Effortlessly manage front-end assets

Advanced Views Pro takes care of the heavy lifting when it comes to handling front-end assets. Read more

Pre-configured Slider, Masonry, and Image gallery libraries
Automatic library enqueuing for target places
Full control over JS instance settings
Built-in AJAX pagination for the query results

PRO Feature

Smart bridge for Gutenberg blocks

While the Gutenberg editor provides enhanced flexibility, it lacks a proper PHP API for creating blocks with fields. With the Pro version, you can transform any Template into a Gutenberg block without the need for React expertise.

ACF, MetaBox and Pods Blocks features supported in Templates
No React knowledge necessary

PRO Feature

Create your own reusable component libraries

In the Pro version, you can reuse components you’ve created once on different websites. You can save any component to your own Git library to speed up the development of future websites.

Easily save/import to your Git repository
Option to include related Meta Groups

PRO Feature

Personal Support

By opting for the Pro version, you support us and encourage to continuously improve Advanced Views. In return, we provide personal support for you and your projects

Prompt feedback
Tailored advice for your specific projects
Immediate access to new features

PRO Feature

Multi-level data and queries

Effortless front-end assets

Smart bridge for Gutenberg blocks

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