“Advanced Views Pro” features for non-Devs

Smart templates to display your posts and fields. Built-in post queries and automated template generation.

Filter posts by meta and taxonomy

Make post selection more precise with meta field filters or taxonomy filters.
AJAX pagination feature (button, page numbers, or infinity scroll) for a set of posts, out of the box!

PRO Feature

Repeater and Group field types supported

Use of the repeater and group field type to display a set of items within a View.

Repeater sub fields within a view
Edit markup for sub fields
Built-in Carousel option

PRO Feature

Gutenberg blocks for your Views

Turn on a special checkbox in your view that will add a new Gutenberg block to your blocks library. All chosen fields will be available for populating by admins, and the template from the View will be used to display the block.

PRO Feature

Extended support for field types

Customize the display of Relationship, Post object, User, Taxonomy and Comment fields
Build Galleries with built-in Masonry style, Carousel, and Lightbox options
Showcase slider of items for Post object, Relationship, User, Taxonomy, and Comment fields
Google and Open Street Maps: display the chosen address as text, and define a custom marker icon
Image field with the Lightbox option

Shortcodes can be insert without code editing

Mount Points allow you to add a shortcode to non editable places, that usually require editing PHP templates. Simply ‘Mount’ a shortcode to the target place by using the position control and limiting to specific posts or post types.

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