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Advanced Custom Fields Addons: Top 10

Explore the top 10 ACF add-ons that expand ACF functionality, deliver new features, and enhance the editor's experience.

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Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin is one of the best plugins for managing meta fields and Custom Post Types (CPTs). It gives you full control over meta fields and supports many field types. So using the plugin you can add and manage any new characters to any post type just with a few clicks. Below you'll find our list of the 10 best ACF addons that add new features or integrations. They've been tested by many users, and won't cause compatibility issues.

Video Overview

Some of the items from our list were covered in the video overview by WPTuts, you can watch the video below and then read our extended list.

1. ACF Content Analysis for Yoast

Do you use Yoast and want to improve SEO reports by including ACF fields in the analysis? Then the plugin does it for you without hassle.

This plugin is one of the most important among all the ACF addons in our opinion. SEO reports helps create quality content, and receive good positions from search engines. By default, Yoast doesn't include ACF fields in the analysis. But nowadays, most of the page data is stored in ACF fields. Not mention a weight of ACF blocks with the Gutenberg approach. The addon improves it, and makes our experience better.

ACF Content Analysis For Yoast in the WordPress repository

2. ACF: Better Search

Do you want the built-in WordPress search to find posts and pages by ACF fields? Then this addon improves the default search by including meta fields in the request. The good one is that it works both for the admin area and for the front, which means both editors and users will be able to use this feature.

ACF: Better Search in the WordPress repository

3. Advanced Views

Would you like to effortlessly showcase your content, including posts and ACF fields? This addon has you covered, introducing Smart Templates with automated template generation and built-in post queries. This means you can develop quickly while retaining your creative freedom.

Now, let's delve into what we mean by 'templates' in the context of this plugin: Advanced Views templates are constructed using the Twig engine. You might be thinking, "Well, that's all well and good, but won't I still need to navigate PHP to retrieve fields and craft markup from scratch, not to mention tackling Twig documentation?"

But here's where the plugin truly excels: "Smart templates." This means you can say goodbye to the hassle of manually fetching fields or creating markup from scratch. The plugin establishes a sturdy foundation that caters to most use cases. And should you require something specific, customizing it is a breeze. Now, isn't that a fantastic feature? You can find more information about the plugin's benefits here.

Advanced Views in the WordPress repository

4. ACF Quick Edit Fields

Do you want to amend ACF fields right on the page overview table screen? Then this plugin extends the default "Quick Edit" WordPress feature and makes it possible. So, you can add ACF fields to the "Quick Edit" feature without hassle.

ACF Quick Edit Fields in the WordPress repository

5. Image Aspect Ratio Crop Field

Do you want to be sure that the selected image will be displayed with a specific ratio? Then this addon helps with adding a new field type, which looks and works like the native ACF field. But besides the native features, it gives a popup using which you can crop any selected image to a specific ratio or size. So this field gives you a way to configure the size for a specific ACF image field and be sure, that all images in this field will have the chosen ratio (or size).

Image Aspect Ratio Crop Field in the WordPress repository

6. Table Field

Do you want to have a meta table with flexible columns for editors, and be able to easily display it on the front for users? Then this addon adds a new field type which makes it possible. So you can easily create tables and manage columns.

Table Field in the WordPress repository

7. ACF Options Page Admin

ACF provides the option's page feature, using which you can create a settings page and attach any fields there using the ordinary ACF UI. And then access values in an ordinary way. Do you want to create these pages without coding? Then this addon will help you.

ACF Options Page Admin in the WordPress repository

Note: Since version 6.2, ACF Pro includes a built-in UI for creating options pages. Read more

8. Admin Columns

Do you want some ACF fields to be displayed on the page overview table screen as extra columns? Then this addon gives your full control of all overview table columns and allows you to add new, reorder or remove current columns.

Admin Columns in the WordPress repository

9. Font Awesome Field

Do you want to display some FontAwesome icons on a page? Also, be able to change the choice later without changing a code, and don't enquire FontAwesome on pages manually. Then this addon helps you with adding a new field type to your ACF, called FontAwesome. So you can select any icon and display it like an ordinary ACF field.

Font Awesome Field in the WordPress repository

10. Gravity Forms Add-on

Do you want to be able to select any existing Gravity form in an ACF select field? Then the addon makes it possible by adding a new ACF field type (Forms). This means now you can 'attach' any Gravity form to your page or any post type. And it may be useful if you want to get or display Gravity forms dynamically, depending on your choice.

Gravity Forms Add-on in the WordPress repository


You just reviewed our list of the 10 best ACF addons. We hope that you found this list useful and these add-ons will make your life easier. ACF gives endless opportunities about meta fields, so just pay attention to them and you won't have any issues with metadata anymore.

Do you have your own list of favorite add-ons for ACF? Would you like to share them with the world? Share your list with us in our social groups, then we'll review them and include the best.

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  1. What are ACF addons?

    ACF addons are extensions or plugins designed to enhance the functionality of Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) plugin in WordPress.

  2. Why would I need ACF addons?

    ACF addons offer additional features and integrations that expand the capabilities of the ACF plugin, allowing users to customize and manage their WordPress websites more effectively.

  3. How do ACF addons improve SEO?

    ACF addons like ACF Content Analysis for Yoast integrate ACF fields into Yoast SEO reports, enabling users to optimize their content more comprehensively for search engines.

  4. Can ACF addons improve content discovery?

    Yes, addons like ACF: Better Search extend WordPress search functionality to include meta fields, making it easier for users to find relevant content on both the admin and front-end.

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